Thursday, March 15, 2012

Swimsuits for 2012 and Necklace Giveaway Winner!

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway! I had so much fun making the necklaces. The winner for the first necklace giveaway is . . . Jess Scott! Her comment number was chosen by a random generator. I was originally going to have Travis choose a random number, but he said that it wouldn't be as "random" as I thought. Anyway, Jess won the turquoise necklace. That means that I still have the coral-red one to giveaway. . . . For those of you who had your eye on the coral-red one, stay tuned for the chance to win that one! I'm also in the process of making some other really cute necklaces and bracelets.

As promised, here are some really cute swimsuits I found online. Some of them are pricey (as almost all swimsuits are), but I figured that if you can't afford these exact swimsuits, you could always take a look at the trends and cute designs to get some inspiration while you're swimsuit shopping. For those of you looking to buy a swimsuit on a budget (as I am) I find that Target, Old Navy, and Kohls have excellent deals on cute swimsuits (for some looks from Old Navy and Target, see swimsuits 2, 7, 10, and 11 below).
1.) La Blanca Twisted Tankini Neiman & Marcus, $93 for tankini top, $39 for bikini bottom. Can I tell you how much I LOVE red swimsuits? Something about them automatically screams "retro."

2.) Juniors Vintage Target, $29.99. Comes in black as well. I love how this swimsuit has a retro feel to it.

3.) Tulle Underwire Tank J Crew, $125. Comes in many other colors: black, navy, mauve, dark purple, bright purple. My favorite is this bright green color.

4.) Anchors Aweigh Skirted Tank J Crew, $125. I love the belted look!

5.) Asymmetrical Ruched Bandeau Tank J Crew, $98. Comes in many other colors such as navy, black, red, purple, and dark green.

6.) Lampone Shabby Apple, $82. I like the skirted look to hide the least flattering part of my body . . . my upper thighs.

7.) Assets by Sarah Blakely Ruffled 1 Piece Target, $49.99. So cute for such a good price.

8.) Beach Blanket Bingo One Piece ModCloth, $89.99. A purely vintage look!

9.) Beach Cruiser Tank/Bikini Bottom DownEast Basics, $36.99 (top) and $25.99 (bottom). I love the details and color on this one.

10.) Ruched-Bandeau Swimsuit Old Navy, $29.94. I saw this in store and was so tempted to buy it. . . .

11.) Ruffle Tankini Top/Boy-Short Bottom Old Navy, $24.94 (top) and $19.94 (bottom). I love the sporty look of the boy shorts mixed with the ruffle on the tankini top.

12.) The New Maillot Norma Kamali, $385. I don't expect anyone to buy this. I know I never will because of the price. But I had to include it because it's so beautiful!

I hope this list helps you with your swimsuit shopping! For next time: a blog entry on a fun shopping trip with Whitney!

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