Saturday, April 14, 2012

Favorite Things

So this past week and a half I've been feeling under-the-weather. I've had some bad stomach problems. Just when I thought they were getting better (and was put on some prescription meds for it) they started to come back a little bit. Fingers crossed everything just gets better. Anyway, since I haven't been feeling well, I've decided to just do a quick entry about some of my favorite things (products, things in general, etc.). Unfortunately, I'm not like Oprah and I can't give away all of these items to you like she used to on her "Favorite Things" episodes. Hopefully my list will help you out, though, and make me feel better (as much as it can) in the process!

1.) Favorite TV Show

Once Upon a Time definitely takes the cake on current favorite TV show. Every episode has you thinking and trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together. The show has to do with fairytale characters who get cursed and put into modern-day life (a town in Maine called Storybrooke), but they can't remember their fairytale past. It's interesting to see the writers' take on classic fairytales and how they're intertwined with other fairytale characters' stories. It might sound a little weird to you, but I'm telling you that you really should watch it. All of the episodes are available on Hulu Plus (they're just wrapping up season one in the upcoming weeks). Recent episodes are available on Hulu (not plus). My coworker Whitney and I have even got our other coworkers into the show. Whitney and I joke about how funny we must sound to the coworkers who don't watch the show when they overhear us talking about "Rumpelstiltskin" and "Jiminey Cricket", etc.

2.) Favorite makeup brand

I love Clinique. I have been using that makeup brand since I first started wearing makeup. The brand is available at almost all department stores. The thing that I love the most about it is that you can go in and sit in one of their white chairs and have them do your makeup for you and tell you what eyeshadow shades, blush shades, etc. work best for your skin tone, along with the type of skin you have (oily, normal, or dry). Their makeup doesn't make me break out and it's long lasting—that's the difference that I see in Clinique and the brands you can get at a drugstore. I'm especially a big fan of their lipgloss. I tried to venture into lipstick, but I didn't like the feel of lipstick as much as lipgloss. I use Clinique's "Stellar Plum" shade and swear by it (it's picture above). I'm not trying to brag, but I do get a lot of compliments about my lips (I know—as shady as that sounds). As a result, I have people constantly asking me what brand of lipgloss I use. Funny story about that: when I worked in retail, I even had an older woman come in and ask me what lipgloss I used because my lips looked so nice and full and she liked the color. I told her that I used Clinique's Stellar Plum. She said, "OK. I'm going right over to Macy's right now to buy it for my daughter." I wanted to tell her that my lips are already naturally big, but she was gone before I could give further explanation. Moral of the story: Just because the lipgloss looks good on someone else, doesn't mean that it will look the same on you. Stellar Plum looks good on my skin tone, but it might not work on others' skin tones. If you're after having fuller looking lips, Clinique's Long Last Glosswear is not a lip plumping gloss. Just FYI.

3.) Favorite nail polish brand

OPI nail polish is amazing because it's SUPER long-lasting and it has just about every shade out there. Also, if you want to see how a certain OPI color will look on you, you can go to the OPI website and "try" it on (you select your skin tone and it will show you how it looks with your skin tone). They have also started selling OPI at Walmart and Target now. Sephora also has a brand called "Sephora by OPI" that is just as long-lasting as the original brand.

4.) Favorite song (at the moment) because we all know that changes all the time.

Andy Grammer's "Fine By Me". This song just has a great summer feel to it. Plus, Travis and I both love singing along to it when it comes on the radio. We even "fight" over who gets to dedicate it to whom first. Yes, we're always weird and lovey-dovey like that. My friends Katie and Maizy have met Andy Grammer before (I saw the pic on Katie's facebook. . . . stalkerish, yes). What do you say about a collaboration on this song, Katie (you on guitar, me on piano)? :)

5.) Favorite store for work wear

This is actually a tie between H&M and The Limited. I've already blogged about my love for H&M, so I'll spend this time talking about The Limited. I actually used to work here a few years ago, so I'm a little bit biased. Their clothes are great quality, work appropriate, yet still stylish. Another great thing: a lot of their dresses and skirts are actually knee-length so it's easy to be modest. They also have great sales (such as taking an additional 40% off of clearance items). They opened their first store in Utah (hallelujah!) at City Creek. Definitely check it out if you haven't already.

6.) Favorite thing guaranteed to make you laugh

I don't have time to watch the Ellen DeGeneres Show since I work during the day, but Whitney and I often share funny YouTube clips from the show. Ellen's pranks on the show make me laugh so much. Here are some of my favorites:

David Beckham Goes Undercover at Target (my favorite is when he says "please stop spreading rumors" hahaha)

I hope you enjoyed my list of favorite things. And in parting, I leave you with this HILARIOUS mannequin from Changzhou, China. One of my friends from my China group took this photo. Thanks to Shelly for taking it!

If that doesn't cheer you up, then I don't know what will!

Also, I recently made this necklace (not the best picture—sorry. I just wanted to take a quick pic). I'm thinking of giving it away soon. What do you think?


  1. Oh Melissa! Of your favorite things, I don't wear Clinique or OPI, but I'm hoping to go to The Limited soon! (Lunch break?) It's like we're soul mate-friends! Also, I totally want the necklace. Make one and give it away.

    1. Taking your advice. Will make one starting. . . . now!

  2. Love that necklace! How did you make it??

    1. Elyse--I got the instructions for it from the book "The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Stitching Beaded Jewelry." The book was 40% off at Michael's. The instructions weren't that hard, but I definitely had to read a bunch of pages in the book before I got a good grasp of bead stitching!

  3. Holy crap, Melissa! That necklace is GORGEOUS! Give it away and then pick me again! ;)

  4. I was so happy to see that laughing mannequin! Good times.