Monday, May 7, 2012

Summer Dresses and I'm Giving Away another Necklace!

After a long break, I'm back. And I'm ready to give away something! Before I get started on that, I wanted to mention one of the many things I love about summer clothing:

being able to wear dresses and not freeze to death.

I love wearing dresses in the summer because (1) you don't have to worry about finding a top and pants/shorts, (2) you automatically feel cooler on a hot day, which then makes you feel more relaxed, and (3) you have so many different styles/prints/colors to choose from—you'll never be bored.

There are some different categories of summer dresses—daytime, nighttime, casual, and more formal. I'm going to highlight casual, or effortless, summer dresses. Effortless summer dresses are dresses that you can wear to run errands, but also wear out on a daytime date. It all depends on the accessories you choose. Some of these dresses could even work at the beach, but like I just said, if you want to make one of these dresses "more formal," then it's all about the accessories: adding a belt, a trendy purse, jewelry, etc. These dresses just scream, "I'm-sitting-on-my-porch-reading-a-book-and-sipping-a-glass-of-lemonade." I've divided these six dresses by solids and prints. Also, the websites featured below have tons of other great effortless summer dresses, so check out the sites!

1.) Mossimo Womens Belted Dress with Neck Detail at Target, $24.99. I got this dress on sale at Target, so it was only $18. Check your local Target to see if it's still on sale. It's perfect because it hits at the knee, so it's not too short. It's also slouchy enough so I don't feel like I'm sticking to the dress (and I won't feel self-conscious if I ate one too many frozen yogurts that day). It's also available in a yellow color. Also, the nice thing about the Target website is that it shows the dress not only on the model, but may also have a video of the model moving in the dress—that way you can see if the dress is long enough and how it moves on a person.

2.) Merona Womens V-Neck Crossover Value Dress at Target, $19.99. This dress was also on sale at Target for $18. This dress comes in a wide variety of colors (I have it in navy blue). I especially like this dress because it's timeless and I know that it will still be stylish years down the road. This is also a dress that I could see myself wearing to the beach (if I ever get back near the ocean, that is) and wearing it on a date, to work, etc. 

3.) Merona Womens Trapunto Dress at Target, $27.99. This dress comes in a wide variety of colors. I like the fact that this dress has sleeves, so you don't have to worry about adding a cardigan if you're worried about modesty. 

4.) Braided Print Dress at Gap, $59.95. This dress also comes in a magenta color. I love the print on it (reminds me of a classier version of tie-dye) and the detail on the braided neckline.

5.) Grey Ivory Stripe Wrap Dress at Dorothy Perkins, $29.00. It has stripes and the perfect silhouette—and it's only $29. What more could you ask for? They also have solid versions of this dress on the website.

6.) Slouched Chiffon Dress at DownEast Basics, $34.99. This might be more of a dressier summer dress option, but this dress can still be dressed down with a pair of flat sandals. I love the color (if you don't, it's also available in a tan color) and I love it paired with the belt. 

Now on to the giveaway. . . . 

I'm giving away this necklace that I made

Sorry about the semi-blurry images. I have to use my phone camera since my regular camera is acting weird. The bottom bigger pearls are gray and the smallest pearls on the top tier are white. 

Here's what you need to do to win this necklace:
(1) comment on this blog entry
(2) follow this blog (click on follow at the top bar on this blog).

You have until Thursday, May 10, at 8 p.m. MDT to enter.

Here is last giveaway's winner, Jess Scott, looking beautiful in the turquoise necklace she won (p.s. I'm still going to give away the coral version in the near future!). This could be you! :)

Good luck everyone!


  1. i love love love the blue dress. and you. and the necklace you made. so cute.

  2. I read some where that a dress is better than a top and skirt combination for those of us who aren't overly tall. I agree with that. I like a print dress, but I love a solid dress for it's versatility.

  3. Melissa, I love your insight on clothes. And the necklace. :)

  4. Follow your blog. And I adore that dress by DownEast. Seriously, I probably should not have seen it because now I might have to have it.... :)

  5. I follow. Great dress ideas! But, sadly, with my nursing habit I cannot wear dresses unless I want to bare all to feed Jack.

  6. Love your dress post! Especially the Gap one :) Alas, my mammoth legs are usually too long for dresses. However, I did find a really cute one at H&M! Oh, and I love the necklace :) Keep up the cool blog!

  7. ahh super cute! it would be perfect for matching with my work clothes! i feel so not fashionable in new york cause everyone has cute clothes hahaha!

  8. Oh Oh Oh I LOVE this necklace! Melissa you really are so talented! I hope I win and can show this beauty off :)

  9. Love the necklace Melis! Hope I win.... :)

  10. Maybe I'll get lucky again! :)