Monday, June 18, 2012

More Photo Submissions

These past few weeks have been pretty busy. Travis and I just got back from going to Phoenix for his podiatry school interview. We should know for sure where we'll be going within in the next few weeks. We'll be moving for sure by the end of July. I'm really excited for a new adventure and to get out of Utah—not because I don't like Utah, but it'll be a nice change. I feel like I've gotten antsy being here for these past few years. It's especially hard not being around a big city or more urban environment—I feel like I get bored here too easily. I know that Des Moines (one of our top choices for Travis's schooling) isn't a big city, but it definitely has a lot of new things to look forward to (plus, it's bigger than Salt Lake City, so I'm moving on up haha!).

I've been trying some new things the past few weeks, and I've really gone a bit crazy with my crafting since I wanted something fun to look forward to while Travis studied for his classes (thank goodness he's now done for the summer!). Here's my list of what I've been up to (if you don't care about what I've been up to, you can just scroll down to the photo submissions at the end):

1. I made some new jewelry

I first saw the tutorial (click on the tutorial to see an image of the Anthropologie version and her DIY version) for this necklace on my friend Callie's Pinterest, and thought the necklace was adorable. After spending weeks (and no, I'm not exaggerating here) tracking down the beads, I finally made the necklace. I find that it's so hard to find craft supplies in the Orem/Provo area—they sell out of everything so fast! I literally had to check back at the craft stores every other day to check to see if they had gotten in the teardrop beads. I'm really happy with the way the necklace turned out (it's a DIY version of an Anthropologie necklace). It wasn't a hard make, but it took a bit of time having to paint the beads and getting the ribbon through the small bead holes. 

I also made this flower ring using rickrack. Easy as pie!

2. I made cake pops

And they turned out great! The angle of this picture makes it look like they're ginormous, they were a little bit bigger than they were probably supposed to be, but next time I'll just make them smaller. I seem to always get a bit worried when I try something new, but I'm glad I made them. Travis loved them. Because of that, I brought them to work so I could get rid of them faster instead of having 50 cake pops for Travis and me. :)

3. I spent some time at shopping bazaars/festivals

I kicked off the spring/summer season by first visiting the Beehive Bazaar (the first picture above is a quick glimpse at a part of the bazaar). I went with my friend Lisa and then met up with Whitney and her friends. I wish that the Beehive Bazaar were bigger, but it still had a few cute things like the baby boy moccasins (SO adorable!) and fun earrings (both pictured above).

Travis and I are also enjoying going to the different Utah towns' festivals. We've been to the Orem Summerfest and the South Jordan Country Fest. We still have a few more coming up this summer, so we're excited to see what they have to offer. We really enjoy people watching and walking around at the festivals.

4. I'm back into running
One of my New Year resolutions was to get back into road racing (running 5ks, etc.). I haven't run much in the last year (and when I mean "much," I mean the only time I ran was while playing a sport, not just running for distance). Honestly it kind of scared me that I hadn't run in a while since I used to run a lot and did track in high school. After making excuses that it was "too cold" in winter, I finally started up recently. I ran three miles on my first day back (yup, I've still got it ;) ). Right now I'm still training until I feel completely comfortable to run in races. I think that my first races will be for fun, and then maybe I'll go for time/be more competitive about it. It's been really hard to get myself to run since I'm so exhausted when I get home from work, but I feel like I have more energy now that I've started up. It's a good feeling.

Photo Submissions
Well, there are my updates for the last few weeks. I'll try to post more often so that way these blog entries won't be monstrous. As promised, here are the photo submissions of fashion no-nos:

For anonymity, I blurred out her face (sorry if it looks horror movie-ish). Regardless, the cat ears headband is the major offense here (along with a few other things, but I'll just talk about the cat ears). This girl is a college student, and I feel that it is very important to dress your age—the cat ears makes it look like she's ten years old. Also, it's really important to make a good impression in your classes—you don't want to appear sloppy or immature to your peers or professors. You'll probably be asking some of those professors for recommendations in the future, and you won't want them to remember you as "the girl who wore cat ears to class." Thanks to Callie for sending this one along!

I'm not the biggest fan of the harem pant trend, and this seems like an extreme of that trend. Yes, those are pants that she's wearing. Also, the baggy pants mixed with the baggy sweatshirt (that also clashes really bad) makes her look extra sloppy. You don't want to mix a baggy piece with another baggy piece because it will look like you're wearing a potato sack. Too much bagginess = not flattering for your body at all. Thanks to Laura for submitting this picture! 

This is another photo from Laura (taken in Boston). Problems with this ensemble: the overwhelming printed top and the tacky sunglasses. I can't completely tell the shape of the shirt (maybe a poncho?), but if she had chosen a better pattern, then this outfit could have worked better. She did a good job of pairing a loose top with a tighter bottom to avoid the "potato sack" look mentioned in the last submission above, but the pattern is way too overwhelming and out there to be taken seriously. Also, I'm not sure if her sleeves are supposed to look like that or if it's just the angle. . . .

I love this one. Thanks to Whitney for sending in this one! This one was taken on the Trax in SLC on Whitney's way in to work. This girl is wearing leggings that have muscles and bones on them. I found them online here so you can get a better look at them. The other weird thing was that Whitney said it seemed as if she was wearing a badge for work. We were curious about where she works. . . .

This is also from Whitney and was taken at Kohl's. Yes, this is a necklace that actually has the word "necklace" on it. People are so creative these days!

Thanks to Katie Wilkinson for sending this one in! It's pretty obvious what's going on here. Man at beauty school + Scottish kilt = random. I understand that men wear kilts in some cultures, but out and about at a beauty school? Hmmmm. There must be a good story behind this outfit. 

I took this one while I was on the bus in the morning. There are a few girls that do this on the bus: they wear sneakers with their skirts. This all goes back to my commuter fashion post. I understand that if you have to walk a lot it can be painful to even wear flats if they're not properly broken in, but I happen to work across the street from her, so I know she doesn't have to walk far. OK, maybe she has a foot/leg problem. We'll just hope that's the excuse.

So I know that I don't have any babies taking fashion advice from my blog, but I saw this at Jo-Ann Fabrics and had a "what the heck?!" reaction out of this. Why would you ever put your baby in a hat like that (unless for a sailor costume maybe)? It looks like it has a strap under the neck too. When I saw the hat it reminded me of the hats that the Ministry of Magic people wear in the Harry Potter movies:

Please don't subject your babies to this.


  1. I LOVE that you brought Harry Potter into your post! Seriously, I laughed out loud.

  2. I LOVE the necklace!! And cake pops are delicious...someone at work also brought them in, and Laura's mom made them for her graduation party!

  3. omg look at you! doing crafts and baking sweet treats!

  4. Phew! Thank goodness you told me about the baby fashion faux pas. I was planning on getting all the materials to sew that exact hat for Jack. Now I know. Baby sailor popes = not cool.

  5. Please tell me that you bought Dallin a pair of those baby moccasins.

  6. Lol... Love them! You'll need to make a necklace for me one day.