Monday, May 21, 2012

Pearl Necklace Giveaway Winner

I know, I've neglected my blogging duties once again. And I left you all hanging. Sorry about that. I was out of town for half of the week last week with my husband while he interviewed at a podiatry school in Des Moines. This entry's going to be short and sweet since I have to get to my husband's hockey game soon. The winner is . . .


She has a really cute blog of her own. Visit it here. Congratulations! I'll be sending it off this week (I meant to send it off last week, but . . . you know :)).

Thanks everyone for entering! I'm trying to debate what to do next for my giveaway. I designed and printed some fashion quotes a while ago (you would frame them and hang them in or near your closet) but haven't gotten around to posting them on here. I'm thinking that could be my next giveaway. Or I'll just post them and you can print them for free. I'll think about it :)

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