Friday, March 15, 2013

Workout Tanks and Crops

Back in December I got word that a bunch of Shawn Johnson's (the 2008 Olympic gymnast) clothes were for sale at a local consignment shop. She's from Des Moines, so it's nothing out of the ordinary. Anyway, I headed over and got some awesome deals. Shawn Johnson is sponsored by Nike so there was a bunch of cheap, unworn, one-of-a-kind Nike items for sale, like we're talking less than $20/per piece. I was so excited that I bought a bunch of her stuff that I had to call my sister and my mom and tell them all about it. My sister wanted me to go back and buy a few things for her. As if it already wasn't embarrassing enough to go back a second time, a news crew was there—they were doing a story on Shawn Johnson's clothes that were for sale and all of the hype surrounding it. I tried to act all nonchalant and quickly browse through the clothing, but a news reporter asked if she could take some shots of me flipping through the clothes and then possibly interview me. I felt bad, so I said yes. I ended up being on the evening news. Luckily they didn't mention in the actual news story that it was my second time back at the store (like I had feared they would). She probably saw me on the news and thought I was a stalker for buying a bunch of her clothes. Well, there went all plans of becoming BFFs with Shawn Johnson. Below are a few of the items that I scored from the sale.

I actually got this tank in purple.

I actually got this above sweater in a gray. I love that it looks so stylish but it's made for running! 
It has dri-fit material on the inside so it absorbs your sweat.

I actually got this tank in gray with a lime green strap.

I got a few more pieces, but I can't find pictures of all of them. I also scored these next two pairs of shoes for an awesome deal. The first pair (silver) are from Sam Edelman and were hardly worn. The second pair (gold) are from Rebecca Minkoff. I don't even think she wore them. Right when I got home I checked out the price for the shoes. The Rebecca Minkoff ones were selling for $325 at Saks Fifth Avenue. I bought them for $50. I seriously got the best deal ever!

Now to the point: I couldn't believe all of the cute workout clothes that are out there. I've been going to the gym or working out 6 days a week, so I feel like I now live in workout clothes for a good chunk of the day. Below are some of my picks for cute workout tanks and cute workout crops. I'll do another post sometime on workout accessories and workout sweaters, shirts, etc.

Shop 1 / 2 / 3 /
4 / 5 / 6 /
7 / 8 /
More colors available for most options.

Shop 1 / 2 / 3 /
4 / 5 / 6 /
More colors available for most options.

I hope that these cute clothes get you motivated to go work out if you don't already. If not, hopefully springtime weather is motivating you. At the end of last year I started doing a fun workout class called WERQ. It's like a hip-hop dance class. I love it. I'm also running a 10k and then a half-marathon soon. I love all of the fun 5ks and 10ks they have out there like the glow run and color run—you should all try one!

What do you like to do to stay in shape? Do you have any favorite workout clothing brands?

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