Friday, April 19, 2013

Summer 2013 Tankinis

Although it doesn't really seem like summer is coming since it has been SO cold (I'm sure most of you can relate), I decided to put together another board with some of my top modest swimsuit picks for summer 2013. I have another board made for one-pieces as well, but that will be another post so I don't overwhelm you, haha.

A huge trend I'm noticing in the swimwear world: ikat. I have included two ikat-printed tankinis here. I hope you enjoy my picks!

P. S. If you are more of a one-piece gal, a lot of these (especially the swimsuits from Nordstrom) are also available in one-piece, not just tankini. And there are also more colors available in a few of the styles.

Shop the looks:
1 / 2 / 3
4 / 5 / 6
7 / 8 / 9


I also feel the need to address what's been going on in Boston lately. For those of you who might not know much about New England geography, I'm from Rhode Island, which is approximately 45 minutes south of Boston. All of the devastation definitely hit me more so this time. It felt extremely personal—as a New Englander and as a runner. It didn't surprise me, however, seeing all of the Bostonians helping each other out. As much as I joke about how cold New England people can be compared to the friendly Midwest or bubbly Utah, I have always said that if a New Englander has your back, they'll fight for you until the end. If you cross them the wrong way, then you'll be sorry. I saw a combination of both this last week—New Englanders who had each others' backs and would do anything to help each other, but also New Englanders who wouldn't stop until they found who did this. I couldn't be more proud to be from New England. I love Boston and the spirit that city and those people have. No matter where I live or go, Boston will always be number one in my heart. Please don't forget to keep Boston in your prayers (as well as those in West, Texas). I'm so fortunate that no one I knew was physically hurt, but I do know that many I know are suffering emotionally. Thank you to the Boston Police Department, emergency personnel, and all those who are doing their best to get justice and to protect our home. 

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